Clowning it up at the Children’s Hospital

Here I am in pirate garb at the Seattle Children’s Hospital with fellow clown, Sparkplug.  One of the kids wanted to be a clown pirate, and I just happened to have an alternate ready.  The hat is a Captain Hook hat my wife got me some years ago.


Who dat on the COAI site?

If you check out the Clowns of America International website, you might notice a new feature called “Show us your nose.”  This was done to celebrate International Clown Week. Clowns from all over America submitted pictures of their noses, tallying up several pages of results from game participants!  Keen observers might notice a familiar face on the bottom right corner of page two!  Thanks to the two lovely ladies for participating in this choice photo op! 

New clubs

Huzzah! Zippy the Clown has some new fancy clubs thanks to Seattle’s Funky Fun Magic Shop! I bought my original clubs here back when it was called the Seattle Juggling & Magic Shop, and I am proud to continue shopping there.  If you have ever been interested in taking up the juggling arts, you should check them out.