They said I could be anything…

So I became a balloon animal.

This photo was taken by the fantastic, award-winning balloon artist Jami from Evergreen Balloons at the Big Foot Clown Alley weekly meeting.  She was demonstrating a concept she had to decorate kids’ bike helmets with balloons.  It’s very simple, but also very eye catching.  And it goes great with the day-glow color of my bike helmet!

The Boeing Klowns

The Boeing Management Association Klown Klub has been around since 1955. Its members have included one fellow who ran away to join the circus so he could get out of an arranged marriage.  The club has done many things for the community over the years, boasting a stellar record for caring and for bringing smiles to the faces of children in the Seattle area and in other parts of the world.  Here are some photos of that club over the years.

More information about the BMA Klown Klub can be found here.

Clowning in the Middle East

Last year, my wife and I went to the Middle East — Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar. While I didn’t get an opportunity to put on the make-up or even show up as Zippy the Clown, I did get to practice some clown arts. As part of the conference, I taught the attendees how to twist simple balloon animals and how to do a puppet skit. And Fire Dogg, the trusty two-handed pal, joined us on his tour of duty to the land where the land is immense and the heat is intense. It was a great experience full of wonderful people and unforgettable sites. I highly recommend the Arabian Gulf as a travel destination for all who have the wanderlust.